Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've moved!

If you're here - you should be HERE. That is if you came here on purpose!

I've switched over to Wordpress. I dragged my feet a tiny bit on this because I didn't want to inconvenience any of my blog friends...And I really hope this isn't an inconvenience to you! So....

If you have me linked anywhere in your blogs (linked in a post or a blogroll) and you are able to, please switch my address to

If you are a subscriber, I am humbled, I mean really - thanks. Here is the new feed:

If you are not subscribed to this blog or my new one and would like to be, read this great post discussing how to subscribe. If you already have an RSS feeder/reader, would you be willing to add me to it?

Tell all your friends about the new address. This will be my last post at Blogger, but it will always be active in case you need to refer to this post for the addresses.

So go on over and check out my new home and make yourself comfortable!

I said it in my profile...

I like change and easily get bored with routine. So...having said that - I'm considering, highly, switching over to Wordpress. I like the look and feel (of cotton) of it all.

I'd like Y'all to go check it out here. Let me know what you think. Brent is considering a change too. We want your opinion because our entire significance is based on our blogging buddies! No way! But we'd still love to know what you think.

So go over, play around, experiment and comment there with your opinion/advise.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just curious...

I don’t question God….much. There are things that are constant and unchanging about God , truth, salvation and such. What I find myself questioning a lot lately are religious/Christian intent. I think when one is passionate about God and His purpose in their own lives they move with purpose and right motives.

My problem is when you get a bunch of “us” together, our little ideals and “ways of doing things” seeps into the slightest of little cracks and you have things like…”Suits and Dresses only in church! Don’t you have any reverence for the Lord and His house?” Ummm, I’m sorry mam, but this morning while I was in the little girls room (in HIS presence) I was meditating on Gods goodness and praising Him as I shaved…naked, have I no reverence?!

“She didn’t raise her hands during our singing today, she must not have been worshiping.” Your eyes were on her…neither were you!

“Wasn’t the “worship” great today?!” Yes, worship was awesome this morning! I just stood in awe of God when Pastor spoke of His omnipresence! “No, I meant the music.” And I meant the worship.

There’s been a lot of talk about “worship” lately. Check out Mandy, Deb and Brent for great content on this. What is worship? What is it not?
What does worship mean to you? Don't be afraid to chime in here. I really would love to hear everyone's view on this...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Have you ever got angry with yourself for carrying around things from your past; failures, guilt, regret, frustrations or fears? Some of those might be things you’re dealing with today. You wake up one morning and realize the bag of guilt-ridden bricks you’ve been hauling over your shoulder for years is beginning to cut into your flesh…leaving even more wounds.

For some of us, I suppose, the bag of guilt is our comfort. It’s all we know. It is our identity. Who would we be without it?

A few years ago Pastor Tom taught out of Acts 27 “The Shipwreck”. The ship that Paul is on inherits some trouble at sea. The crew, in their fear, made a couple poor decisions and the ship ended up in an even more compromising situation. They eventually stopped trying and gave in to the strong winds. Difficulties caused them to give up.

Jumping quite ahead here the storm continued to rage so they dropped several anchors and just waited and hoped for the best. They would come to find land one morning, a coastline that could be seen from the ship. The only way to get there would be to get rid of the anchors. They certainly wanted out of the storm and off that ship! In verse 40 it says, “So they cut off the anchors and left them in the sea.” I remember Pastor Tom saying along with this verse “release what bonds you”.

I have anchored myself for years over past failures, only to add more anchors for present failures. But it gets me nowhere, literally! If I’m trapped and stagnant because I choose to harbor and hold onto the past then I am not living fully the life God intended me to live.

Daily I have to choose to let go. It’s a flesh battle! I don’t want anchors holding me back. I want freedom to live in Christ. I want freedom to live for Christ and not myself.

So friends, do you have a bag of bricks to drop off the side of a mountain? How about anchors that need to be cut? It comes down to faith. Anchoring ourselves down says to God we don’t trust Him. Do you trust Him?

Mad Church Disease

Hey friends! Just wanted to keep Anne Jacksons upcoming book "Mad Church Disease" out in front to remind you all to keep this book in prayer.

But especially keep our girl Anne in your prayers! In any way she is on your heart, pray! Rest, emotional health, physical health and strength, spiritual strength and protection. As you all know, whenever you're doing something for the Kingdom attacks will ensue. I'm sure with all this book entails there is much to be in prayer about. So lift her up friends as she also is in Publisher countdown time and it really gets down to the wire now...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is the life!

I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon (the first batch was burning) but luckily we've yanked all the batteries out of our smoke detectors that the smoke alarms didn't wake us up instead! All our kiddos were in the kitchen making us breakfast in bed! Rachele is our adopted daughter (not by law - by choice =) and she got the ball rolling on this! As I was finishing reading my mans blog this morning (he paid homage to our marriage), the tears were streaming down like mad and here walks in 3 of the most adorable people in the world with breakfast in tow...aaahhhh!

Then they present a basket of goodies to us! Gift cards galore! Good & Plenty and Dutch Bro's coffee bucks for me! Starbucks card and sprinklers for Brent! They know us too well!

So this is how our 17th year has begun...I couldn't be more happy! I am so richly blessed! My coffee cup runneth over!

yes those are mine and B's Macs in the background

Friday, August 17, 2007

Round 2!

I think I'm gonna puke! I mean, blow Holy Chunks...sorry...

This is the day my kids have waited for since the end of June. High School Musical 2 made its debut at 5:00 Pacific Time today! As if 1 wasn't enough. I am ashamed to admit that even I know the words and moves to the first movie.

Even though we are knee deep in a room addition - life as we know it has STOPPED! It's all about Troy Bolton and no one else...Mom who?!! So in the middle of a great scene I keep asking my kids for help - I'm getting a huge kick out of it too! This will be the first of 82 times we will be tortured with this Disney Classic. Oh my- I just peaked at a scene...over actors!

Confession: I know every word to every song from the original Grease! Although I poke fun at my kids, I must admit that was me in the late 70's. I lived and breathed all things Grease! I crushed on Danny Zuko and cried the first time I saw him sing "Stranded At The Drive-In" when Sandi bailed on their date...sniff-sniff... So I know exactly what's going on inside my kiddo's little minds and hearts. To be young again! What a time!

What's your favorite movie and why?